About Me

Name: Andrea Roque

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major and School/College:

Information Management and Technology/ School of Information Studies; Marketing/ Whitman School of Management

Describe your interests in the fine and/or performing arts. (No less than five sentences)

“In every work of art, the artist himself is present”, as said by Christian Morgenstern. Ever since I can remember, I have always had an interest for the arts. Whether it be through music, books, poetry, sculptures, paintings, performances, I enjoyed each of these since they were all able to express some sort of expression of emotion that sometimes can’t be felt through just words. I love reading books and my ultimate favorite is “The Secret Garden.” I just love how the description is so vivid as well as how each character develops differently at the end of the book.  The use of symbols and themes was what intrigued me. Even when it comes to paintings and sculptures, the different colors and details that are used are astonishing and purposeful.

Describe what you believe to be the benefits of you and/or anyone to have the opportunity to write about art encounters—familiar and new. (No less than five sentences)

When encountering a piece of art work, I have always had various interpretations as to why that specific work of art was created or brought to life. To my belief, being able to have the opportunity to write about art encounters is great since you are able to interpret the art work in your own way. Even though, the artist might have an original purpose for it, you as an individual can still feel some different perceptions of it. IT promotes your creativity and seeing an art work for the first time, you are  able to realize your initial feelings and emotions towards it. I think that for me, it brings out my passion for the arts and how I am able to express my thoughts on it.